Friday, October 15, 2010

i took it from one of my coursemate presentation
and i found it very interesting topic
and in all my life i dont even noe and realise bout it
thank god
akhirnye aku tau walaupun agak lewat usia.
sekurang nye aku tau dr tak tau

and i would like to share to all my bloger friends

lets move on
there are 3 illusion picture
may u take a look at first one

tgok lame2 gamba ni
what do u see?
is there any movement?

how bout this picture?
my friend ask me to give range 1-10 for the speed of the movement

and this pic also

what do get from it?
the speed?
for overall pic
its below 5
or above 5?
be honest to yourself

because if the speed is above 5
ur in stress
agak critical
jgn tak mengaku

if below 5 ur stress tak berape critical

mine is 7
so untuk tidak mengadmit kan kenyataan itu
lalu aku menukar range 7 itu kepade 5
so aku are in average level.
selamat mencube