sunway lagoon

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the best thing is im going with person that i love him so much..
the truth is no matter where we go.eventho going to pasar mlm ke
as long as we hang out with somebody that mean to us we will be the happiest person that time.
 this week mmg pack..
banyak janji dgn org
tak saba nak hangout dgn gedik gedik sekalian
miss ouh 
lame gile tak jumpe kowt
next week plak klua dgn mas n pika n tatau lg sape..
aku igt this friday
in the same tyme duit semakin bekurang..
mmg siot ahh..
kalu la aku ni anak raje..
alamak haih..
aku tau sesuatu miracle akan terjadi..
hahha budjet sinderela