my kindergarten friends

Sunday, August 21, 2011

we are gown up

entri ni khas ntok sahabat yg pernah membesar bersama aku

dr aku kecik sampai lani

but this one is more to my kindergarten memory daun pisang*sambil suare iwan beralunan

this one is my adek

we used to be sgt rapat but since ur are growth dgn sgt cepat kite skrg arent like tht anymore

the other two friends yg sgt rapat since kecik is my two kazen idah and syera

both are sisters.memula i sgt rapat dgn syera.then ntah cmne i rapat dgn idah.but we still contact each other





ok ini gamba kecik.pls hate my face a lot HAHHHAHA

ok sile gelak gamba ini =.=

dont grown up.ull regret