suprise birthday party

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the burfday girl
(: ratna n izza :)

the cake
hancur sblom di rasmikan haha
choclate banana is deliciousss
kne beli yg fresh kalu tak pisang dlm tu lebam
(advice from ex secrete recipe worker) XD haha

the guilt is on fifah :)
sume org blame die haha
sian je

prank prank prank
my hand ;) interframe

MMU peoplethe girls

sopan kan

sopan lagi
lagi lagi sopan
mcm ikan duyung tak??

the view
cantek banget
location:cyber park infront of main enterance MMU gate
korg bole release tension kat sini
sgt tenang k
anyway tanx for the foods :)